Preaching God’s Word, Not My Own: Transformation in Colombia

WordPartners Staff

November 06, 2020

Pastor Hector (left) sharing his story while at our 2020 Global Summit

Pastor Hector from Colombia shared with us his testimony of how WordPartners training has changed him:

Without a doubt, [this] training has transformed me completely, similar to hearing the Word of God for the first time. When the training helped me learn of my errors in preaching, I was ashamed to the point of asking forgiveness from the church I pastored. 

This training has helped me to teach exactly what God says in His Word and not preach my own word – and that leads to great peace and security as a minister.

My own transformation (and the need for it) motivated me to bring this training to the Amazon region of Colombia, Venezuela, and wherever else I am invited. I have even taught my family members the principles. It’s like when you love the delicious food served in a restaurant and can’t help but recommend it to everybody. That’s exactly what I do with [the] training.

Hector’s passion for faithful Word ministry is contagious. Consider this anecdote from a pastor trained by Hector and the Colombia team:

Pastor Luis came to the training with the wrong expectations for training and the desire for a “new revelation.” But God transformed him. And at the end of the training, he asked God for forgiveness and admitted he was wrong. “I realize now that the focus of this ministry is that only the Word of God can transform lives.”

Hector (front left) joins Juan de Dios Torres (front right) and others on the Colombia team while on a trip to the Amazon region of Colombia

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