Partner in Prayer

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

Each month we’ll update this page with new requests. We hope that you’ll come back regularly to find other ways you can pray for our partners and ministry around the world.


Please Pray for Our Work in North America

  • Pray that the pastors and leaders in training workshops would be transformed by God’s Word.
  • Pray for the development of a team of training partners to lead a movement of God’s Word in the U.S.
  • Pray for our growing partnership with the Praetorian Project as we equip pastors who are multiplying churches in military communities worldwide.
  • Pray as we consider how to best serve a growing number of trainings in diaspora communities in the U.S.
  • Pray as we seek to identify key partners who will help meet a growing need for training in inner cities.

Please Pray for Our Partners in Ukraine

  • Pastor Leonid: “My family has evacuated to Warsaw, and we need to find an apartment to live [in] for my family. We keep moving locations every few days, and it’s stressful for my family, especially our children. Please also pray for the education of our kids. Where will that be? My home city of Berdyansk is under occupation. Please pray for the people of my church. It is not easy to care for them.”
  • Pastor Alex: “Please pray for my daughter, Kate, and her fiancé, Vova, as they prepare to marry soon. Pray for endurance in my life and ministry during this difficult time of the war. Pray for God’s protection and leading for now and the future.”
  • Pastor Albert: “I really miss my wife and kids as they have evacuated to Poland, and I haven’t seen them for two months. I really miss them. And I need endurance to care for the many refugees coming to my church.”
  • Pastor Andrii K.: “Praise to the Father for keeping me and Valentina safe, healthy, for providing us with finance, food and the place to stay! Praise to the Lord for protecting our house from bombing [near Kyiv]! Pray that we could be used by the Lord of the Harvest at Source Of Life Church in [a] village [in the western part of the country] (the place where we are now) by preaching, leading youth Bible study and helping form youth choir/music band.”
  • Pastor Andre KZ.: “My family has been evacuated from Eastern Ukraine to Italy. Pray God would help us to do ministry here while we also really want to return home to our church. Pray the war will end soon. Pray for me because my friend who is a pastor died today after a serious accident yesterday.”
  • Pastor Andrii S.: “Please pray for my preparation [of my] sermon this Sunday. I’m very busy with ministry and caring for refugees at my church. It’s hard to set time aside for sermon preparation. And sometimes I don’t know what to preach about. It’s tough.”

Please Pray for Upcoming Travel and Training

  • April 27–May 7 – Ecuador – Patricio Paredes and Juan Torres
  • April 28–May 10 – Togo – Jeff Gage
  • May 1–10 – Central Asia – J. D.
  • May 16 – Normal, Illinois – Dave De Haan
  • May 18–24 – North Africa – J. S. and Doug Dunton
  • May 22–June 8 – Colombia – Patricio Paredes and Juan Torres
  • May 24–25 – Hillsdale, Michigan – Joe Paglia
  • May 27–June 10 – South Africa and Zambia – Jeff Gage, David Sunday, and Dave De Haan
  • June 4–12 – Central Asia – J. D.

Please Pray for Other Requests

  • Pray for our spring event, “The Power of God’s Word,” coming up on May 14.



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