Partner in Prayer

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

Each month we’ll update this page with new requests. We hope that you’ll come back regularly to find other ways you can pray for our partners and ministry around the world.


Please Pray for Our Work in Southeast Asia

  • Praise God for the continued work of pastoral training through the past two years of uncertainty.
  • Pray for border openings among developing Southeast Asian nations – that we might begin to travel to these countries once again.
  • Pray that partners in Myanmar will lead their congregations through political turmoil with gospel hope and confidence.
  • Praise God that in Myanmar, since the beginning of this year, a group of emerging leaders has been active, doing online training with pastors and leaders.
  • Pray that one of our trainers, John Eichholz, will be able to obtain a visa for travel to Myanmar for training in November.
  • Pray for training partners in the Philippines, Indonesia, and an undisclosed country as they continue to find ways to equip pastors through the difficulties of ongoing COVID shutdowns.
  • Pray for opportunities to meet in Southeast Asia, that we might find ways to re-engage in shepherding and encouraging our partners.
  • Praise God for continued support from financial partners in Southeast Asia during the pandemic.

Please Pray for Our Partners in Ukraine

  • Pastor Albert: “Pray for my wife and children as they are in Poland for safety and as we miss each other. My daughter is in the hospital with stomach issues. Please pray for her recovery. We are feeling exhausted. Please pray for stamina and endurance. The cost of living in Ukraine has increased dramatically. Please pray that God would provide for us all.”
  • Pastor Alex: “Every day feels like a marathon, and we don’t know the end. It’s so tiring. Please pray for us all to stand amidst so much uncertainty. We need to keep doing ministry and training new leaders. Pray for wisdom and endurance and physical protection.”
  • Pastor Andre KZ: “Please pray for wisdom from God in distinguishing between humanitarian and spiritual activities. Pray that we will be driven by the gospel. Pray for my family who is still in Italy while I’m in Ukraine.”
  • Pastor Andrii S: “Every day we hear about missile strikes, and it’s scary. It’s hard for people to rest and sleep because you think the air alarms could go off any moment. Pray for endurance, courage, and strong faith in the Lord.”
  • Pastor Andrii K: “Our city was just hit with three cruise missiles. Praise the Lord that we are alive!”

Please Pray for Upcoming Travel and Training

  • Weekly on Fridays – Online training with pastors and church leaders and members in Myanmar – Ken Van De Griend
  • Weekly on Fridays – Online training with Nepalese pastors in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Alan Ginn
  • September 11–24 – Venezuela – Juan Torres
  • September 12–24 – Kenya – Jeff Gage and J.S.
  • Weekly on Saturdays, resuming September 17 – Online training with Nepalese pastors in Louisville, Kentucky – Alan Ginn
  • September 20–21 – Jacksonville, North Carolina – Dave De Haan
  • October 3–7 – Dominican Republic (with training partners from Haiti) – Sean Martin
  • October 3–8 – Malawi – Jeff Gage
  • October 4–5 – Grand Rapids, Michigan – Dave De Haan
  • October 9–15 – Zambia – Jeff Gage, Melanie Lachcik, and Darlene Gleich


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