We long to see the Word of God flowing powerfully
through every church to every nation.

Transformation. We all want it. We all want to believe that our ministries are catalysts for the Spirit’s work of transformation in our people’s lives. But come Sunday evening, too many pastors are asking themselves, “Why do my sermons fall flat? Why are lives not changed? Why does my church struggle just to tread water?”

WordPartners training is built around the conviction that real transformation comes when God’s Word is proclaimed with His transforming power. We believe God pairs every portion of Scripture with an intended response. It is this transformational intent – the change God is seeking through the message of Scripture – that brings power to our ministry of the Word. WordPartners training provides an approach to studying and preaching God’s Word that equips pastors to shepherd their people with the transformation God intends.

We find that this training proves valuable to pastors of every background from every part of the world — whether you’re a pastor with advanced degrees and access to training of all types or you find yourself in a remote corner of the world with few resources and no training opportunities.


Built on partnership

Because God designed the work of ministry to be done in partnership, we work together with partners around the world who share our convictions and our vision. And we move forward together at the speed of relationship and trust. We rely on our partners to select a small group of pastors who are not only eager to grow in preaching God’s Word but also have the character, capacity, and influence to pass the training on to others, according to the model of 2&nbspTimothy&nbsp2:2.

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Immersion in the Word

The Bible is our primary source, so every time we meet with a small group, we work through a different book of the Bible representing a different genre of literature in Scripture. We not only look for the central message of the book that holds all of the smaller parts together, but we focus on discovering the transformational intent – the change God is seeking through the message of Scripture.

We want to listen to God’s Word so we might be transformed in our own hearts – and so we can bring that transformation to others. Considering the transformational intent challenges the framework of our own thinking as well as the prevailing frameworks of the culture around us.

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Transferable Principles

In every workshop, we learn and practice eight key principles that help us . . .

  • better read and understand God’s Word
  • be transformed by God’s Word
  • grow in confidence and skill at proclaiming God’s Word
  • shepherd others with the transformation God is seeking

The key to transferability is simplicity, so the principles are designed to be simple yet profound. That allows pastors to share the principles and training – not only with other pastors and leaders, but with the people in their churches as well.

To download a copy of our Dig & Discover Principles, see this resource page.

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Interactive Workshops

What’s learned is more important than what is taught, so our workshops are highly interactive. We seek to take a conversational approach, since we know that the most fruit comes not through listening to one-way information but through engaging questions and self-discovery. We employ different learning methods, such as modeling, hands-on exploration of a passage of Scripture, and practice and feedback among participants.

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A Highly Relational Context

Our workshops take place in the context of deep, lasting relationships. Meeting with the same small group over several years allows friendships to be formed, trust to grow, and defenses to come down. It creates fertile soil for the Spirit’s work of transformation through God’s Word.

Finding the riches of God’s Word together as a group is a thrilling experience. It forges pastors together and makes them want to go share it with others. Ultimately, our training allows us to come alongside you, helping you learn how to be in the Word and equipping you to do the same thing with others.

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Development over Time

Transformation takes time. It’s like a slow soaking rain – an organic process that happens over the long term. That’s why we make a multi-year investment in pastors, meeting twice a year over four years. We’re not seeking short-term superficial change. Instead, pastors experience a deep lasting change in their hearts, their ministries, their view of God, His Word, His people, and their future.

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A Counterintuitive Approach

In some ways, our training is very different. We use principles that are simple yet profound. In our workshops, we don’t think bigger is better. We focus on a few to get to the many. We go slower to go farther, and go deeper to go wider. We allow for failure to facilitate learning.

Though our approach is uncommon today, it’s really not new. It’s how Jesus worked with His disciples – how Paul mentored Timothy. It draws from a biblical model that contains great wisdom, and we see God use it to bring forth much fruit.

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Advanced Training for Global Impact

Pastors in the Core Training have seen God produce wonderful fruit in their lives and ministries. Some go on to our Advanced Training, in which we develop leaders who will continue to advance the movement of God’s Word in their nation and region of the world.

In this stage, there is a shift from training to mentoring. We come alongside as a coach as the participants lead a new group of pastors through Core Training.

The approach isn’t just to develop leaders individually. Instead, we focus on developing a team of leaders who will own the vision and carry it forward together. We also help connect these teams together as a community so they can strategize, encourage each other, and partner together to carry forward this scalable ministry strategy and nourish the movement of God’s Word throughout the world.

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