Dig & Discover Principles

Joe Swords

Content Manager for Communications and Development,
March 18, 2024

The Dig & Discover Principles booklet offers a time-tested process for studying God’s Word. The principles in this book have provided thousands of pastors and ministry leaders around the world with the necessary foundation for teaching God’s Word with God’s heart. These principles are intended to help pastors and their churches understand and experience the life-changing power of the Bible. 

As these principles are applied in our workshops, pastors and ministry leaders are trained to more competently and confidently proclaim the Word of God. As they do, they are also equipped to train others to study and proclaim God’s Word with God’s heart. 

Learning and applying these principles can lift a burden from your shoulders as you prepare to teach the Bible. You need not depend upon your own ingenuity. Instead, you can apply these essential tools to your Bible study process. As you do, you will be prepared to proclaim God’s life-giving Word confidently and faithfully. 

At the same time, proclaiming the Word can never be reduced to just a set of principles. We must use these, or any others, with a spirit of dependence. As we study Scripture, we must depend upon our Father in prayer. We depend on God’s Spirit to renew our minds through his Word. And we depend on the Lord to transform our hearts and the hearts of our hearers through the proclamation of his Word. So we share these principles with an invitation to greater humility and dependence upon God’s transformative power.

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