A Mentor to Former Mentors

WordPartners Staff

November 09, 2020

Pastor Aeron Caldeo from the Philippines:

I was reluctant because the training was only going to study the book of Jonah. But [I loved] the approach: the tools they offered, the five-minute sermon and the feedback, and especially the Biblical theology. (When I first started pastoring, I didn’t have any idea about Biblical theology!) This training has been a “missing piece” in my preaching, and my preaching and my life were transformed.  

God has transformed my preaching in my church slowly but deeply…[and] has enabled me to introduce members of my congregation to the training tools on how to study the Bible.

I also have many coaching groups. It’s a real comfort for me that the Word of God is like a fire that has spread.  It’s my prayer that God will sustain the movement. The Lord has given me the opportunity to minister to pastors nationwide.

“Most of the pastors are older than me. . . .It is very humbling that God has allowed me to now be their mentor.”

I have two groups in [my city]. Most of the pastors are older than me and [even] mentors from the Bible school I attended. It is very humbling that God has allowed me to now be their mentor. And they have found the training to be very beneficial!

Aeron leads a training session at the whiteboard

Aeron (second from right) with a training group

Aeron shared this video with us after a training in 2 Timothy in early 2021

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