A Full 180 Ministry Transformation in Ethiopia

WordPartners Staff

January 27, 2020

At an Africa Leadership Summit, one of our gifted trainers named Eshete shared his story on how the WordPartners training program impacted his life and ministry:

“I am using the principles throughout my teaching and preaching. And I am bold enough to speak. Whether they are denominational leaders or local leaders… I am bold enough to share… I do have a very useful thing which you need. You know, right at the first time of WordPartners training, I just rushed up, and stood up, and told Doug and Joe, “You will never find me the same person as I was before!”

Before the training, I was preaching and teaching the Word of God for about ten years… But in my past experiences of teaching and training of the Word of God, I only worried about ideas—or, so to say, the felt needs. After finishing structuring my ideas or the felt needs into dividing main points, sub-points, sub-sub-points… Then I am looking to find which passage does fit into my ideas.

But, the reverse is true now. I worry about the Word of God. When I get the passage, I just dig into it, just capture the heart of God. And then I start thinking how do I present this fresh and powerful Word of God. I totally changed. 180 degrees.

Now I have started enjoying the freshness and transforming power of the Word of God myself. My kids are enjoying this blessing. [I] myself changed. My family devotions changed. I think it is easy to expect my children will be changed. My entire ministry changed.

Glory and honor be to the Lord. I am very grateful to have such a wonderful opportunity.”


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