A Passionate Widow Bringing God’s Word to the Nations

WordPartners Staff

October 26, 2020

Meet Christine. She has been widowed for ten years, raising her two children by herself. She serves with the Mothers’ Union in the Anglican Church and has attended our training in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea the last two years, growing in her confidence to teach God’s Word.

When asked how she was using the training, her eyes lit up. She teaches God’s Word to children at an International Academy.

“I use these principles to tell them the Bible story. Every week they gather at my feet and tug on my dress as they listen. They pay close attention to the Bible and complain when it’s time to stop! 

Many of these children are from non-Christian families; some from the homes of foreign diplomats who never hear God’s Word. But God has brought them to this school. At first, I wanted to teach older children, but the administration has asked me to continue with the younger ones because they see the impact on their lives.”

God’s Word is not only reaching the ends of the earth, He is using one faithful widow to bring it to other nations by means of the classroom.

“My friends say I should be on Facebook. But I don’t need Facebook,” Christine says, holding up a well-worn Bible. “I only need this book.”

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