The Word, the Spirit, and How God Speaks to Us (John Woodhouse)

WordPartners Staff

January 27, 2021

WordPartners’ ministry is built upon the fact that God speaks through His Spirit-carried Word.

Understanding the dynamics of this can be a bit tricky. Consider the following thoughts:

Evangelicals seem to spend a lot of time talking about ‘the word of God’. It is one of our catchcries. Are we mistaken in having this emphasis? What is the place of experience and the Spirit? Does ‘the word of God’ equal ‘the Bible’?

We have been greatly helped by the work of John Woodhouse, former principal of Moore Theological College.

Woodhouse’s work on the Word and Spirit is available in three formats:

1. Read articles from The Briefing (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

2. Buy the Brief Book God of Word: The Word, the Spirit and how God speaks to us from Matthias Media or on Amazon.

3. Listen to the conference audio below or download from The Proclamation Trust.



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