A Welcome Surprise in the Persian Church

WordPartners Staff

November 09, 2020

It was a normal Q&A session like any other between WordPartners trainers and a new group of pastors and church leaders. That was until a participant, a sister who had just recently arrived, jumped in and started answering other students’ questions for us – demonstrating a deep understanding of the Dig and Discover Principles and their application in Jonah. 

Who was this lady? And how did she know so much even though we had never met her? 

We soon learned her story. The sister is a member of a Persian house church in a Western Asian country. She and her husband had already been trained in Jonah, but not by WordPartners staff. They were trained by a Persian house church pastor, Erik (not his real name), who had previously taken some of our training in a neighboring country. And judging by the precise answers the sister gave, Erik is a great trainer!

We had never heard of Erik’s powerful ministry of multiplication until meeting this lady. What is clear is that God has His hand upon Erik and is using him to equip house church leaders in the country where he now resides as well as his country of origin that is notorious for its opposition to Christianity.

Please join us in prayer for Erik, the scattered Persian church, and for God’s Word to move in power throughout Western and Central Asia.

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