2022 Impact Report: Africa | Zambia


October 31, 2022

“How many times in my preaching for 25 years
have I stayed on the line?”


– Pastor Shern from Zambia 


In June, a group of pastors gathered for the first time in Mazabuka, Zambia, to experience a WordPartners training. One of the pastors was visibly sobered by what he was taking in. Afterwards, he was asked about the workshop, and this is what he said:

“When I heard about ‘Staying on the Line’ (the principle about being faithful to God’s Word, not saying more or saying less than it says), I was like, ‘Wow, wow, wow, wait a minute. How many times in my preaching for 25 years have I stayed on the line?’ I’ve been everywhere in the country, everywhere in Africa, and how many times when I have spoken have I stayed on the line? So that was very challenging to me.

“I have been (taught) in theological schools, about five different universities, I’ve got my second PhD in theology, and I train students who are pastors. My question has been, What have I been giving them? If I had gotten these concepts earlier, I think the 800 that I’ve graduated would have been beneficiaries of this.

“We have many young ministers coming up in our generation who have misconceptions as to what the Word of God really is and how to communicate it faithfully. They’ll just say, ‘I’ll go as the Holy Spirit leads me.’ They get into prayers, many days of fastings, and then they stand on the pulpit and preach heresy.

“These tools are going to help us train these young ministers so that the gospel can be preached according to the heart of God.

“I’m so glad to be part of this.”

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