2021 Impact Report:
Africa | Zambia


November 10, 2021

“Are you a Man of God or just a servant of God?” 

This was an unhealthy framework that emerged among a group of pastors at a workshop in Zambia earlier this year. And WordPartners trainers were able to witness the Spirit of God reshape it right before their eyes.

The group of pastors had been digging into the book of Habakkuk when one of them related how he identifies with the prophet’s questioning of God’s justice. 

Pastor Kenson shared how he would preach at a conference and then watch others drive away in nice cars while he had to walk. “How is that just?” he asked. 

Others in the room began to tease him saying that he must only be a servant of God. If he were a Man of God, he, too, would have a nice car. 

A framework about gospel ministry had been exposed . . . and the message of Habakkuk began reshaping it. 

The pastors confessed that, like Habakkuk, they were judging God’s ways by their own standards. They began embracing Habakkuk 2:4 – the only people God considers to be righteous are those who live by faith. They rejoiced in having the righteousness of Christ more than in having a nice car. 

These servants of God became true men of God. . . . How? By remaining servants as they humbled themselves before Him and before one another.

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