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Joe Swords

Content Manager for Communications and Development

From 2011–2023, Joe Swords planted and pastored a church in Clio, Michigan, which helped plant three more churches throughout the state. He also worked with teams to assess over fifty church planters across the Midwest and coached numerous church leaders in gospel-centered, expositional teaching.

Joe is passionate about WordPartners’ mission to elevate God’s life-giving Word in the hearts, lives, and ministries of pastors and their people. Through his work, he strives to highlight ways God is spreading his Word powerfully through every church to every nation.

Joe and his wife, Ashley, were married in 2005. They currently live in Michigan with their five sons. They enjoy cidering in the fall, sugaring in the spring, and brewing home-roasted coffee year round. When time allows, they delight in traveling to epic landscapes and engaging in epic stories.

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