“[This training] has been the most transformative of my pastoral development”

WordPartners Staff

October 09, 2020

Pastor Jesse ministers in the western suburbs of Chicago. While possessing several advanced ministry and theology degrees, he claims his training cohort “has been the most transformative of my pastoral development.” 

“Walking through books of the Bible with a group of guys who have a common language of how to get into the text has by far and away been the one piece that God has used to transform my own ministry of the Word. . . . 

We [work] the principles into the sermon series that we’re doing as a church. . . . We take a principle like Genre or Traveling Instructions and lay that out for our people. . . . It’s begun to transform how our individuals see the Bible and are able [to] not only [work] through it for themselves, but [also] discuss it with others. . . in a variety of different contexts.” 

Jesse and his church are now reimagining what incorporating WordPartners’ principles into their missions strategy could do for their missions impact over the long term.

Watch the above videos to hear Jesse tell his story and learn:

  • The impact of the training on his church
  • How Biblical Theology has strengthened Jesse’s church
  • How Jesse liked the four year training process


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