“Preaching is no longer a burden” in India

WordPartners Staff

October 27, 2020

“The tools were all new to me,” Pastor Nakul shared regarding his first WordPartners Training experience. “I really enjoyed learning about all the tools. It was strange but enjoyable to dissect the entire book of Ruth. And the message that came out of looking at the whole book was one of a kind—something I never before experienced… I want to dig/discover all 66 books in my studies.

Further into the training process, Nakul shared how his whole approach to preaching has changed. “Before TNT, preaching on Sunday was a burden to me. Now, I love the way the Word has gone forth in my ministry… I love teaching TNT to small Bible study groups. I’ve practiced what I’ve learned in John’s letters and gospel, and all of those coming are enjoying it.” Others he has trained have also testified how TNT has been life-changing.

Pray with us for Pastor Nakul and the rest of the Indian pastors in his cohort to continue to benefit from our training and be equipped to faithfully and passionately handle God’s Word.

Nakul (right) with another in his training group


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