Phillip Jensen on Applying the Bible to Everyday Life

WordPartners Staff

January 31, 2020

Australian minister and Bible teacher Phillip Jensen shares in the video below wisdom on applying the Bible to everyday life, in which he mentions the relationship between biblical theology and application, and also how to avoid legalism in applying Scripture.

Here are some helpful quotes from Jensen:

  • “To preach the gospel without being able to call on people to repent is not to preach the gospel, because the gospel preaches repentance.”
  • “Application flows from the Scriptures.”
  • “Look into the Scripture passage itself and understand it in depth…the applications will become apparent. If you can’t find the applications in the Scripture, I’d suggest you still need to keep looking.” (Jensen’s #1 Tip for Applying Scripture)
  • “Legalism comes from adding application on the Scriptures instead of drawing application out of the Scriptures.”
  • “Biblical theology as a subject helps you perceive what the Bible itself is saying, rather than looking at the congregation and thinking this is what they need to hear.”

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