Interview with David Jackman on Expository Preaching, Gospel Ministry, and Authorial Intent

WordPartners Staff

February 25, 2021

WordPartners has greatly benefited from the ministry of David Jackman, the former President of the Proclamation Trust and founder of the Cornhill Training Course, and enjoyed hosting him a few years ago for a week long session talking expository preaching and training preachers.

The above video is an interview Todd Kelly conducted with David Jackman in which they cover the heart of training preachers, the heart of expository preaching, authorial intent in Scripture, and how biblical genre affects the task of preaching.

Here is a quick guide to the video contents:

  • 0:00 — Introduction
  • 0:40 — John Milton Quote… “The sheep look up and are not fed.”
  • 2:11 — What is at the heart of training preachers for gospel ministry?
  • 3:35 — The Heart of Expository Preaching: Who is in the driver’s seat of your church? (Read the transcript.)
  • 6:04 — What are some of the marks of a sermon that takes the Bible seriously?
  • 8:02 — What is authorial intent? How should it shape the sermon and where should it lead us?
  • 10:35 — Application and Authorial Intent
  • 12:28 —  What is biblical genre, and how does it affect the task of preaching?

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, and then it will flow richly into other people’s lives as you are the channel of His grace.”

“Where the Word of God is rightly handled, the voice of God is heard.”


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