David Jackman on Staying on the Line of God’s Word

WordPartners Staff

October 05, 2020

One of our convictional hermeneutical principles is Staying on the Line. Staying on the Line focuses on faithfulness and precision in handling God’s Word, encouraging preachers to tell the truth, the whole truth [not to go below the line], and nothing but the truth [not to go above the line].

David Jackman, a friend of WordPartners and preacher/trainer with the Proclamation Trust, has released a helpful video going deeper on this foundational principle. If you like this video, you will enjoy the whole Equipped Series from the Proclamation Trust.

“Don’t be more concerned with the structure of the sermon than with what the Bible itself is saying.” David Jackman

Staying on the Line is one of our key hermeneutical principles. Here is what Pastor Fred from Uganda said about staying on the line of God’s Word:

“I believe my ministry will change because of this training. From the time I started in the ministry, I had the conviction that I should ‘stay on the line,’ but I did not have this knowledge of what it meant to stay on the line. I would still end up using my framework. Now I have the tools to guide me and help me stay on the line.”


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