Bringing the Tools to Bi-vocational Pastors in the Middle East

WordPartners Staff

October 29, 2020

It has been a dream come true for our organization to be able to train pastors from this Middle Eastern country*. While persecution is too strong to risk an in-country training, we meet two groups of pastors in a nearby country that enjoys greater freedoms. 

These bi-vocational pastors sacrifice much to receive training. We stagger their arrival to the neighboring country to avoid suspicion, and some pastors even had to quit jobs so they could have the required days off for the training.

They were extremely grateful and full of joy after our training in Ruth, a book that helped them think through their suffering in the sovereign plan of God. “We will probably never get to Bible school,” one trainee said, “but these guys are bringing the tools to us.” 

*Name withheld due to security concerns.


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