2022 Impact Report: Latin America | Venezuela


October 31, 2022

This workshop on Jonah was an x-ray on the hearts of pastors.

After nearly three years being away from Venezuela, WordPartners’ Juan Torres and training partners from Colombia were able to travel and hold multiple in-person workshops. One of these workshops was held with pastors at the fire brigade facilities and was coordinated by Pastor Domingo Medina, a chaplain in the city’s national guard as well as the fire department.

At the end of a recent workshop in Jonah, Pastor Medina shared these thoughts:

“The Word of God preached as it should be helps to drive the rebellion out of our own hearts that we may love God genuinely. Just as God dealt with the life and heart of Jonah, God has dealt with each one of us who are thinking that we are doing what is right with God.” 

This workshop on Jonah was an x-ray on the hearts of pastors causing them to see that God has a job for them to do in the country of Venezuela. “We can be the ones who are going to multiply many WordPartners trainings here, because you cannot reach all the places we can reach.”

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