2021 Impact Report: Latin America | Ecuador & Colombia


November 10, 2021

“It was beautiful to see twenty-three women connect at 5 a.m. They were captivated by God’s Word and the training!”


– Karla, from Ecuador

Training in Latin America has not just continued throughout COVID, it has grown in creative ways. God has used COVID to spur our partners to be innovative as they equip others – and that has affected not only how training is done but who receives it as well. 

Four women – Karla, Monica, and Ivonne, from Ecuador, and Mery, from Colombia – had gone through WordPartners training, most of them alongside their husbands, who are pastors or church leaders. Together, these women decided to do training online with other women. They and nineteen sisters from Ecuador, Colombia, and even the U.S. proved their eager desire to be in the Word together by showing  up to study God’s Word each day at 5 a.m.! 

Karla reflected on her experience: “This was the first training we did, women training women. It was beautiful! It was a challenge (you have no idea!), a responsibility, a commitment. It was beautiful to see twenty-three women connecting at 5 a.m. They were captivated by God’s Word and the training!”

One of the women said, “This workshop was a huge blessing for me. It opened up a new horizon in appreciating more of what God wants to teach us through His Word and helps us focus on what He wants to say, not our opinions, and how He wants to transform our hearts.”

Instead of COVID slowing ministry down, God used it to elevate His life-giving Word among women in Latin America. Plans are already underway for another workshop. It’s beautiful to see the training multiplying among women in the church.

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