Partner in Prayer

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

Each month we’ll update this page with new requests. We hope that you’ll come back regularly to find other ways you can pray for our partners and ministry around the world.


Please Pray for the Work in Latin America

Please pray

  • For a continued commitment from our partners in each country to serve as facilitators of the workshops that are being done in each country.
  • For health and financial stability for our partners, so that they can feel energized to keep up the good work that the Lord is doing through them in each country.
  • For a change in the hearts of many pastors that have been opposed to our workshops for various reasons in different countries.
  • For wisdom, safety, patience, and health for Juan Torres and Patricio Paredes as they keep on working on the development of pastors and leaders in the region.

Please Pray for Upcoming Travel and Training

  • October 27–November 4 – Nepal – A. G.
  • October 31–November 8 – Eurasia – Sean Martin
  • November 1–5 – Chile – Patricio Paredes
  • November 2–4 – Detroit, Michigan – Dave De Haan and J. S.
  • November 3–12 – Togo – Jeff Gage
  • November 4–11 – India – A. G.
  • November 6–8 – Bridgman, Michigan – Dave De Haan and J. S.
  • November 11–16 – India – A. G., David Sunday, John E., and Paul Adams
  • November 13–14 – Hillsdale, Michigan – Dave De Haan
  • November 14–19 – Slovakia – Sean Martin
  • November 26–December 1 – Central Asia – J. D.
  • November 27–December 2 – Zambia – Jeff Gage and Sean Martin



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