Our Team

Paul Adams

Communications Coordinator

Paul joined our ministry in 2006 and was originally invited to help write and teach. He served for several years as our curriculum coordinator and helped lead workshops with pastors in Asia, Latin America, and in the U.S.

While still involved in training, Paul’s main role has shifted to coordinating the work of the communications team. He has fully bought in to his director’s #1 goal of putting God’s glory on display in a way that results in worship. “Not only is it the most worthy of motivations,” Paul says, “it’s vital to enabling us to carry on the work of training pastors and strengthening the church – by allowing our partners to see the eternal significance of what they are investing in.”

Paul was born in North Florida to dear Christian parents. Paul met his wife, Mary, on his first trip to do training in Asia, where she served as a translator for the workshops. Today, they live with their son in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina.

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