WordPartners Seeks Applicants for New President

After 32 years of faithful service, WordPartners’ president, Craig Parro, will be retiring on September 1, 2021. Over the course of his three-plus decades of ministry, Craig has served in several roles. But for the past 11 years Craig has been God’s man for the role of president. Craig’s strengths and godly character have helped WordPartners expand its reach such that far more pastors receive training and mentorship than ever before.

All of us here at WordPartners, including the board members and staff, will miss Craig’s contributions to the ministry and his friendship in the office and field.

Since Craig stepped into the role of president in 2010, we have deepened our commitment to the vision: to see the Word of God flowing powerfully through every church to every nation. In pursuit of this vision, we are working to develop a team of global partners who encourage and equip pastors to teach God’s Word with God’s heart. Our vision has not changed and will not change with the upcoming leadership transition.

Looking forward, we see WordPartners’ ministry continuing to deepen and expand. To that end, the board of directors is working with Context Staffing to conduct a search for the next President of WordPartners.

Context Staffing has a long and successful track record of helping connect ministries and churches with the right leaders. We have been working with them over the past several months to help with the transition, develop a profile for the next president, and initiate the search process.

We invite you to enter into this process with a joyful expectation that God will use this opportunity to grow and strengthen WordPartners and its mission for years to come. If you or someone you know might be interested in learning more about the position, more information, including a presidential profile, is available here. We also invite any nominations, applications, and recommendations to be sent using the contact information found within the profile.

The Board of Directors, WordPartners

Visit Context Staffing to find more information on the search, including a presidential profile.