Leadership Resources International Becomes WordPartners

The movement of God’s Word predates us by thousands of years. It’s there in the pages of Scripture and down through church history. It continues on today, bringing life wherever it goes. 

For the last 50 years, we’ve been grateful to be part of that story, as God has used Leadership Resources – and the faithful partnerships of pastors and their people – to continue advancing the movement of His Word.. 

Today, we’re excited to announce another step forward in the long, important story that God has been writing for us these many years. Today, Leadership Resources International becomes WordPartners.

When an organization changes their name, it’s natural for questions to come up: “What inspired the change, and how did you go about creating it? What does this mean for the ministry – and what does it mean for me?”

Let us first say, our new name is not an attempt to chart a new course for our ministry. We continue to be focused on elevating God’s life-giving Word in the hearts, lives, and ministries of pastors and their people.  Instead, changing our name is a response to what God has been doing to bring us to a new place in ministry. In the last several years, God has given us a deeper understanding of what it means to partner with others in the body of Christ all over the world. Through that, God has opened up new pathways for impact and new opportunities that have enabled ministry on an even larger scale. Today, through our own staff as well as our partners, workshops with pastors are taking place in over 60 countries and among more than 14,000 pastors around the globe.

Though the Leadership Resources name was and always will be a beloved part of the story of our ministry, it became clear that it no longer captured what God was doing and the scope of the vision He had inspired in us. Our ministry impacts more than leaders themselves and is marked by more than resources.

Based on this conviction, over the last four years we’ve engaged in a process of rebranding our ministry to better align with both our heritage and our future, developing tools to help unite our global community as we fulfill our mission.

So our new name is a celebration of who we’ve always been, and better reflects how we sense God will use us today, and in the future: rooted in His Word and fueled by lasting partnership.

Along with our new name, we have a new logo and a beautiful new website that we can’t wait for you to explore.

There’s one thing that hasn’t changed. Throughout our history we’ve partnered with people like you to put the Word of God in the driver’s seat of the church and put His glory on display. What a privilege to partner in God’s mission together with you. Thank you for the important role you play in partnership with us. We can’t wait for what’s ahead!